Probate & Estate Investigations

Brown Investigative Services - Probate & Estate Investigations

We have all known or will know the great sorrow of losing a parent or a close family member. A part of that somber process involves properly and honorably dealing with the estate of our lost loved one. Unfortunately, during these dark times, those associated with the estate don’t always have the best interest of the estate or family in their intentions – emotion can often cloud judgment, and trust is often broken at this painful time.

At Brown Investigative Services we have experience investigating wrongdoing during these difficult times, including unacceptable actions taken against our loved ones before their passing.

Our goal is to assist in the safety of our elders and to protect the assets of the estate. 

Our firm can assist estate and probate attorneys in protecting their clients by providing the following:

  • Background investigations on assisted living facilities and caregivers
  • Location of assets of the estate
  • Location of heirs or other family members
  • Investigation of any new acquaintances that have entered the life of the elderly relative
  • Review documents of the estate especially those previously unknown to the family