Family & Domestic Investigations

Brown Investigative Services - Family & Domestic Investigation - Photo of Family

Family matters.  From choosing your child’s or ailing parent’s daycare or caregivers, to dealing with a broken trust within the home, you need solid, truthful information to make sound decisions.  Life can provide a fair amount of stress and fear when domestic uncertainty is present . During those stressful times, when emotions can wreak havoc with judgment, it becomes increasingly important to have information you can rely on.

At Brown Investigative Services we provide the help you need to obtain the facts, evidence and information so you can make sound decisions and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  

Brown Investigative Services offers a wide range investigative services in the arena of family and domestic investigations and services. Our firm can assist you with:

  • Background checks on potential and current childcare providers
  • Child custody investigations
  • Divorce investigations
  • Missing persons investigations
  • Negligence investigations
  • Locate long-lost friends and classmates
  • Locate long-lost relatives and potential heirs
  • Spousal infidelity investigations
  • Social media investigations involving your children 
  • Cold case investigations and review
  • Nursing home abuse investigations

To provide peace of mind, protect your loved ones and obtain the information you need, call us at (812) 329-6270 for a free consultation.