Personal Injury Investigations

Brown Investigative Services - Accident Investigation - Picture of two damaged cars.

At Brown Investigative Services, we understand that as the injury attorney, you face a complicated task of determining what needs your client has and whose negligence caused the injury to your client.

The initial reports often don’t include all the information needed, and the information provided may no longer be factual or current. Our firm understands that to achieve the best settlement for your client, you need the evidence and information before any litigation can accurately determine the liability of those responsible.

As professional investigators, our firm provides an impartial reporting of facts to assist your clients in the best outcome. 

At Brown Investigative Services we offer professional and experienced investigations to assist with:

  • Assistance in evaluating potential clients
  • Locating and interviewing potential witnesses
  • Service of court papers
  • Surveillance
  • Auto, commercial motor vehicle and motorcycle accident investigations
  • Accident and incident scene investigations
  • Wrongful death investigations
  • Witness location and escorting to trial
  • Deposition assistance
  • Assistance with trial preparation
  • Assistance with Voir Dire

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