Brown Investigative Services - Stacy & Melissa Brown

Stacy Brown – President

I am the President and founder of Brown Investigative Services. I started this private investigation firm to continue to use the skills I have honed and my God-given abilities to provide others the facts and truth in their time of need.

I was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, and attended Indiana University, graduating in 1995 with a degree in Criminal Justice. After working briefly in corporate security, I was accepted to the 54th Recruit Academy of the Indiana State Police, graduating from the academy and becoming a sworn Indiana State Trooper in 1996. 

It was my great honor and privilege to work for the Indiana State Police Department for over twenty-five years. During that career, I worked as an uniformed Trooper for twelve years, and completed my last thirteen years as a Detective with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Department. 

During my service to the state of Indiana, I completed hundreds of criminal investigations, conducted thousands of interviews and investigated numerous auto accidents. I worked a variety of cases, including property crimes, sex crimes, crimes against children, suicides, missing persons, cold cases, serial predators, financial crimes, officer involved shootings, crimes by elected officials and homicides. 

I have worked in over twenty-six counties in the state and had the pleasure of assisting the prosecutors, local police agencies, sheriff’s departments and federal law enforcement in keeping our citizens safe.

My goal is to put those skills and work ethic to use for you in pursuing truth on your behalf.

Melissa Brown – Vice President

I have always had a passion for helping people and that passion led me to my most recent career path.  I spent many years in the corporate world, serving as a quality control employee and corporate trainer in a large pharmaceutical company.

I had the pleasure of following my true desire of serving our local children as social worker. I worked for the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) as a Family Case Manager, investigating cases of child abuse and neglect, facilitating child and family team meetings and fighting for the smallest of victims in court of law. 

My career with DCS led me to my role at a local child advocacy center (CAC). I served as a Child Forensic Interviewer for 6 years, interviewing approximately 2000 alleged child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, severe neglect, witnesses to homicide and domestic violence. During my time with the child advocacy center I interviewed children from age 2 through 18, as well as developmentally delayed adults and trauma-stricken adult victims. I testified in court in hopes of having the victims recorded interview entered as evidence in the case.

I also had the pleasure of training, as a qualified instructor, hundreds of individuals from school personal, teachers, coaches, church personnel, Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, youth serving organizations and neighborhoods in the Stewards of Children’s Darkness to Light Program, an awareness program to help adults recognize the signs of child sex abuse. 

After 6 years and almost 2000 interviews of alleged child victims, I decided to make a career switch to concentrate on education of others and family.