Business Background Services

Brown Investigative Services - Business Background

For a company to be competitive in today’s market, it needs every advantage to ensure stability and profit. Disability fraud, internal theft and employee turnover are just a few issues that can harm a company’s bottom line. 

The right people in the right places starts with establishing trust.  To ensure you have the right person for the right position within your company, you need to know who your getting beyond the resume’.  This requires a thorough background investigation. To maintain the integrity of your company, the need for post-employment backgrounds may also be needed, especially for promotional candidates.

Malefactors among your employment ranks are costly.  The loss of inventory due to internal theft costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, reducing margin and hampering competitive market edge.   Increased insurance premiums due to exaggerated or fraudulent Worker’s Compensation claims hinders a company’s ability to be competitive, dramatically increasing operational overhead, and resulting in wasted dollars and time in policy reviews and liability mitigation measures. 

Brown Investigative Services can assist you in the success of your company by:

  • Pre- and post- employment background investigations
  • Workplace safety investigations
  • Investigate suspicious or fraudulent vendor and contractor activities
  • Investigate suspected Worker’s Compensation and disability fraud
  • Internal theft investigations